Healthy Coping Cookbook

Manage depression, ease anxiety and be your most bad ass self

Tons of studies have shown that nutrition can have an impact on mental health. Want to try out some easy, delicious recipes that contain anxiety and depression fighting ingredients and see if it works for you?

Hi Friends,

My name is Faith and I write the mental health blog I have been coping with anxiety and depression forever and I've tried every trick in the book from therapists to crystals. I wanted to create this product because I have found that nutrition and exercise are the two things that have the BIGGEST impact on my mental health. When I let my diet go and start eating lots of junk food my depression and anxiety quickly become unmanageable. I'm not a nutritionist but I wanted to share the ingredients and recipes I try to include in my diet to help me manage my mental health. I hope it will be able to make a difference in your life the way that it has in mine.

The Healthy Coping Cookbook includes:

-List of ingredients you can eat to help anxiety

-List of ingredients you can eat to help depression

-List of healthy snack ideas

-10 breakfast recipes

-10 lunch recipes

-10 dinner recipes


1. Food and Mood Tracker Printable

Use this tracker to track what you eat and how you feel. Everyone is different and the best way to figure out what to eat to make you feel like you're ready to kick ass is to track what you eat and how it makes you feel.

#2 Food and Mood Tracker Excel Spreadsheet

If you're not down with printables I created this excel spreadsheet version so you can track your diet and moods. It's super easy to use and no printing is necessary.

#3 Healthy Coping Meal Planner

This can be either printed our OR filled out on your computer. It lets you plan out what you are going to eat for the week and what you need to purchase from the grocery store.

Get started now!